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Chinese classical music channels on streaming radio


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Hi Everyone,

Not learning Chinese yet but have long been interested in Chinese classical music, in particular in the style of The Great China Chamber Music Orchestra.  I would like to find a streaming radio station in Chine that plays this style of music.  There is a streaming app called Radio Garden in which you can move the map around and sample music from any place on earth.  Unfortunately there are literally hundreds of music stations in China.  Can anyone save me a lot of work and give me the call letters or station information and/or number please?  If you're not familiar with this group try this google search for the Great China Chamber Music Orchestra's "Undecorated Dreams".  Also if you know of any concerts in Colorado by them or any other group playing similar music I would like to know that info too please.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  Thank you, Chris

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There's a program about China's Traditional Folk Music (Minyue) on CCTV: https://tv.cctv.cn/lm/fhgy/index.shtml


Great China Chamber Music Orchestra 中唱成都公司成立的民族轻音乐乐团,曾发行数张轻音乐演奏专辑。You can also listen to the music at:


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I get the resource from a library. Although I can choose English language and login with WeChat, I can't listen to the music without my library account. You may try to find similar resources from your local libraries.

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