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Got any good podcasts where they just chat about Chinese?


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I've taken to listening to podcasts while I fall asleep, but I'm bored with my usual content. I'd like to listen to some podcasts where they just shoot the shit and talk about Chinese. I've asked before, and they're always all in Chinese and meant for study, or blocked by some kind of wall, pay or otherwise.  This is the time of day I turn my brain off, I'm just looking to hear some chat about Chinese, not really in Chinese, if you get my drift.  But obviously it's gotta use some Chinese, but just trying to draw a line because otherwise I'm going to get a bunch of recommendations for  study, stories, TV shows, etc. Like when class is over and you're just chatting with the other students before the next lesson starts, that kind of thing.


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I recently heard of a similar interview/discussion-based podcast (courtesy of Olle Linge's blog), searchable under the name of "I'm learning Mandarin". This isn't necessarily a recommendation as I haven't listened to it myself, but you may find it fits the bill. I understand Olle runs his own English-language podcast, too.



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On 3/26/2024 at 8:44 PM, suMMit said:

You're probably already aware of John Pasden's podcast, but if not, it fits what you're looking for:

Thanks!  I knew of John from Chinesepod, but I didn't realize he now has his own podcast.  

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