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Hoping for Help Translating the Text on this Parasol


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One part looks to be this poem:




枫桥夜泊原文、翻译及赏析、拼音版及朗读_张继古诗_古诗文网 (gushiwen.cn)


ETA It's very famous so there's a couple of translations online, here's one: Ike Taiga | "Maple Bridge Night Mooring" | Japan | Edo period (1615–1868) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art (metmuseum.org)

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I agree with Jim. These poems are so famous that nearly every Chinese person knows them well, even though some characters are missing on the parasol. The poems are over 1200 years old, yet their popularity endures.  Here are the other three poems. The first two translations were done by 杨宪益与戴乃迭, while the third was translated by 许渊冲, all of whom are renowned translators.





To Wang Lun


by Li Bai, in Tang Dynasty


I'm on board; We're about to sail, 

When there's stamping and singing on shore; 

Peach Blossom Pool is a thousand feet deep, 

Yet not so deep,Wang Lun,as your love for me.





Seeing Meng Haoran at from Yellow Crane Tower


by Li Bai, in Tang Dynasty


At Yellow Crane Tower in the west,

My old friend says farewell;

In the mist and flowers of spring

He goes down to Yang Zhou;

Lonely sail, distant shadow

Vanish in the blue emptiness;

All I see is the great river

Flowing into far horizon.




Leaving the White Emperor Town with at Dawn


by Li Bai, in Tang Dynasty

Leaving at dawn the White Emperor crowned with cloud;
I've sailed a thousand miles through Gorges in a day.
With monkeys‘ sad adieux the riverbanks are loud;
My skiff has left ten thousand mountains far away.  


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