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chinese inventions

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Did the chinese invent most things before the europeans?  

  1. 1. Did the chinese invent most things before the europeans?

    • yes
    • no

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君主不明,百姓受灾 -- Qing Dynasty

actually i won't totally agree with that, ching emperors were generally quite diligent and they were not dumb or uneducated of the society that they reigned, but the regime still produced the darkest era, this is due to some of the followings ...

they were manchurians, more they thought of was themselves not the entire population that they reign, that was why although kangxi, yongzhen, qianlong were all aware of the importance of science especially firearms in military applications, they discoraged because that would shake their throne once the HAN population had access to it. their perspective of themselves was invaders and conquerors, that is why when it came to leasing land, they had less sentimental attachment, and that they would rather give the land to foreigners than HAN people "寧於友邦,不於家奴".the administrative system was slow and inefficient, each articulation did not connect to the others well, making the empire hard to control, thus althought comparing to the ming emperors, ching emperors worked harder and wiser, it was still useless in improving the general civil advancement.

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