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Engagement ring


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What sort of problem?

If you are worried that you may be mugged and taken to a back alley so that the muugers can cut off your wife's finger - don't worry as it won't happen.

If you are worried about it getting lost because she has a habit of taking it off all the time....leave it at home just in case she does loose it. Alternatively, add it to a travel insurance policy as a specific item.

If you are worried that if you decide to get it polished....don't worry if it is while you wait and you can see exactly what is happening. Don't let them keep it just in case they want to swap the stones.

Should I get her something fake to wear around town (she'll love me even more for that, right


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Wearing mine all the time, here in BJ or any other place. Just don't do anything stupid. But that counts for every place/city in the world you go to. If there are times she is worried about the ring, turn the stone to the inside of the hand, so from the back of the hand you just see a ring (if it is a ring with a diamond or any other stone).

About buying a fake one, depends on your wife to be :mrgreen:

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Our experience of BJ was that while light fingered pilfering of unattended articles was endemic, levels of violent street crime are lower than in Europe or the US. So if she's wearing it securely it's unlikely to be taken from her, but if she puts it down it will instantly disappear... :mrgreen:

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