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Chinese "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"?

Xiao Kui

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I'm looking for the Chinese equivalent of "head shoulders knees and toes" I don't mean a word for word translation of that song (doesn't work with the rhythm), but any Chinese children's song about body parts, that kids sing to learn the parts of the body, or just for fun. Some friends are studying Chinese and want an easy way to memorize body parts.

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They could get a copy of "Dance & Learn Chinese with Mei Mei". The DVD has 20 children songs from both the west and china, including

Head, Shoulders Knees, and Feet

Happy Birthday

Row Your Boat

The songs are sung in chinese by the teacher and then by native mandarin speaking children. A pamphlet comes with the DVD showing the lyrics in characters, pin-yin, and english. I think It's about $25 US on amazon.com.

Mei Mei has her own website www.meimeiandme.com

The pamphlet from Dance & Learn with Mei Mei says that Mei Mei is from Anhui province in China, has a master's in education from Rhode Island College in the US and has been teaching Chinese for over 20 years.

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It's not realy many parts of the body but kids in Taiwan sing this one,

da tou (Big Head)

da tou da tou (big head big head)

xia yu bu chou (when it rains there is nothing to dread)

ni you yu san (you have an umbrella)

wo you da tou (I have my big head)

I have also seen on a kids TV show about learning mandarin, where to the tune of Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, they sang

yangjing, bizi, erduo, zuiba (eyes, nose, ears mouth)

The chinese version rhymes much better.:-?

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