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normal teenage "bubbly" chinese handwriting?


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hello i was just wondering how the.....how should i say this.... female chinese teenagers write in chinese? you know how like in english the teenage girls have this sort of bubbly handwriting? well what is that in chinese? can i see some pics of it?? (no im not talking about actual bubble letters)

sorry my post makes no sense......

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I think it is an interesting question, but I have no good answer. The "bubbly" handwriting of teenage girls is something I've seen in several languages that use the Latin alphabet.

However, for Chinese I don't have that much experience. I have seen some children's paintings with 汉字 but none has struck me as particularly girly.

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So true! I think that's right what quest said. ALthough I can only judge by Chinese character's written by Korean girls. But indeed, they are "neater" tinier and narrower. Kind of the opposite from what one is used to from "typical teenager girly latin alphabet handwriting" :P

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I know what you mean about bubbly. More than one teenage girl's English writing I've seen will have a heart shape for the dot on the i.

This will usually be for personal correspondence though, not submitted for school work.

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