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Jing Shan Park


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lasy weekend I went to Jingshan Park,and it's a nice old park. and a family beside me was talking about this park's history,and I heard some sad things.

in their words one point is Eight Countries army came to this Jingshan park nearly one hundred years ago in qin Dynasty.and those 8 counties army are all from Europe. what did they do for that JIngshan Park,I have no idea!

and I found a big stone on the half of the hill ,it's like a big square table now,but actually it has been destroied a lot,so I can't know what it should be.

this park is still very attractive to me, I like that feeling when I sit on the top of the hill,cause I can see the yellow roof and red wall of the FOrbidden city ,it's good view,and it's very mystic.cause you can forget sad history.

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If you enjoy reflecting on destruction left by the 8 Countries Army then I suggest you sit around Yuan Ming Yuan.

Jingshan Park is an excellent place to go before entering the Forbidden City. Most first time visitors to Beijing make the mistake of going through the south gate from Tiananmen Square.

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the south gate is the correct entrance. in northern china because of the strong north western wind during winter all houses have their entrance facing the south. in that way snow and cold air wont be blowing into the house whenever somebody opens the door.

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