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help with 默契

semantic nuance

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Could anyone help me with this phrase 默契 in the following sentences?

1. 他和他的女朋友很有默契. He and his girlfriend are knowing to each other?

2. 這兩家公司對合作方案很有默契. These two companies have a tacit agreement/ an unspoken consensus on the cooperative project?

Could any English native speaker help out the translation of 默契 in the above sentences?

Thank you very much. :)

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I think for your first sentence:

1. 他和他的女朋友很有默契. He and his girlfriend have a tacit understanding.

However, I am a little uncertain because 'tacit understanding' is something that is either there or not, but in chinese 默契 is preceeded by 很有 which implies that 默契 can be of a variable degree. So there must be at least some difference between 默契 and 'tacit understanding'.

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First, thank you. I think what 默契 in my first sentence means they will know each other's thought or what each other is going to do without having to speak out. When I look up the dictionary, it says "tacit understanding", which to me cannot quite express 默契 in chinese.:wall

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Based on the English gloss you gave, and that is seems that you3mo4qi4 seems to have an adjectival quality, I think we would say in English:

"He and his girlfriend are soul mates." or "...have become soul mates." Another phrase we use for soul mates, especially if there is NOT a romantic relationship, is "kindred spirits." You might say "He and his girlfriend understand each other implicitly and intimately" but it's more formal, and slightly awkward. You're right, though, that "tacit agreement" or even "tacit understanding" is not intimate enough in this translation.

For the second sentence, I think "tacit agreement" is a proper translation. A "tacit agreement" would be an "unspoken but mutually understood agreement."

Hope that helps.

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