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Chinese character for our surname

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Awhile ago I asked the visitors of this site to help me translate my son's name, Jonathan, to Chinese (characters).

The advice I liked most and the one I've accepted as the one I want to use for my son is:

"As a Chinese, I suggest you to use 天赐 as the name of your son. It means something good given by God. Moreover the Chinese always use two characters to name a person and it is a very cool name. I believe you will love this name, as you know more about Chinese culture."

I am now in the process of ordering a Chinese Seal (Chop) for my son.

According to a Chinese colleague it is tradition that a person's name consists out of 3 characters. The 1st being the surname and the 2nd and 3rd the first name.

Could you please help to translate our surname, de Jong, (young in English) to 1 Chinese character.

When I use the online translators on internet I get the following:

Dutch (de Jong) to Chinese simplified = 年轻人

Dutch (de Jong) to Chinese traditional = 年輕人

English (young) to Chinese simplified = 年轻

English (young) to Chinese traditional = 年輕

Thank you.

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“少4”is a chinese surname, though it's not popular. attention: “少4” menas "young" ,“少3”means "little"

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德龙 -- literally translates as virtuous dragon.

Also the Chinese transliteration of economist Brad Delong's last name as well, which puts your son in good company.

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Thanks all.

Considering the advice for a surname given so far.

Has anybody got any ideas which combination surname + first name would be "best"

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