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Laptop Prices in China


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too hard? how about a desktop of same speed?

you'd be hard pressed to find a desktop that slow. at least, it'd be hard to find a new one that speed. If you wanted to buy a new one (are you in bj?)

you could get a pretty decent comp

1.7ghz celeron

80gb hd


acer 17in monitor (always buy a good monitor.. your eyes are worth it)

optical mouse...


for under 3200 (at least, i bought it for under 3200.. and that was about 3 months ago, so you might be able to get it for less...) that's a non-brand computer but all the parts should have warranties. I had a problem with my cdrw (a cd blew up inside it) and i went and exchanged it no problem. This is at hailong daxia in zhongguancun.

if you really would use a notebook taking it to cafe's and such then by all means get one, but if money is tight, desktops are waaaaaaaaaay cheaper..

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Let's wake this one up . . .

I'm thinking about getting a new laptop (the one I have at the moment is getting way past its best). I've been checking out the prices online and comparing them with the manufacturers prices - there doesn't seem to be a great deal of difference between the two.

Is there much scope for discount on the list prices? I guess I'm just going to have to walk into Hailong Dasha and start bargaining . . .


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zhongguancun, beisanhuanxilu beijingshi

has a huge indoor market selling laptops -from brand new to second hand ones for less than 1000RMB. Dozens of little stalls mean that you can 'walk away' from the seller with geniune conviction. I'm going to get a desktop from there soon.

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