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hanzi list ?


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Yes, there are such things out there.

My Chinese teacher has a book like that, but I forget the title.

But there is indeed a 汉字表. There are 795 汉字 for the 一年级汉字表, 696 汉字 for the 二年级汉字表, 545 汉字 for the 三年级汉字表, and 467 汉字 for the 四年级汉字表.

I will ask my teacher about the title of the book and where to find a copy. I will have this information for you by Saturday evening. :)

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我问我的老师可不可以告诉我这本书叫什么. 她说不是可买的, 因为是中国人用的. 她说大多数的办公室有这样的书. 所以对不起, 我不知道怎么买这本书.


I did find a website with a 汉字表. But it's not the most organized one I've seen. You can see it at: http://tech.egooh.com/showarticle.aspx?id=905

I had trouble going on that site, so I typed 汉字表 into Google. It was the first of the search results, and I selected the cached version.

I hope this helps! :D

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Someone posted a list about a year ago: http://www.chinese-forums.com/showthread.php?p=38423&highlight=characters#post38423

You can see an annotated version of the list at


If you save the popjisyo-annotated page as an HTML file, you'll be able to extract the raw word list and definitions by opening the HTML in a text editor.

Run the file through one of those traditional-to-simplified converter if you want to see the characters in their simplified form.

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GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But there is an easy way to copy. I am using Firefox with the extension "copy as plain text".

This extension strips away all the code behind the text.

I pasted into wordpad and safed as unicoded text.

That's it.

Many thanks.


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NJStar word processor has a built-in traditional-to-simplified converter (as well as the other way around).


Just copy and paste your text into NJStar and save under GB format.

The free demo is a fully functional copy.

Using the Firefox "copy as plaintext" doesn't accomplish what I was trying to tell you. Save the popjisyo file as an HTML, open it up in a text editor (e.g. NJStar), and see what all the goodies popjisyo has put in place for you, namely, English definitions and pinyins for every Chinese character on the page. You'll lose all of that if you copy as plain text.

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I've converted the list to simplified form and cleaned it up a bit.

Below is the graded list of approximately 5500 characters supposedly learned by Taiwanese students in the first nine years of schooling, with pinyins and English definitions. Some of the characters past the 4000 mark were lost by NJStar in the conversion to simplified process, and I haven't bothered to copy them back from the original.


Note that Taiwanese education emphasizes classical Chinese much more. Many of characters used in classical Chinese are no longer used today. A comparable list from the mainland would probably have fewer characters.

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Thanks very much for the list of hanzi learned by Taiwanese students in each grade.

I'd still love to see the corresponding list for the mainland...

for example, xiaojiang216 reports above that

there are 795 汉字 for the 一年级汉字表, 696 汉字 for the 二年级汉字表, 545 汉字 for the 三年级汉字表, and 467 汉字 for the 四年级汉字表.

This compares with 198 in first grade, 166 in second grade, 267 in 3rd grade and 351 in 4th grade for the Taiwanese list.

Do 1st grade students really learn 795 characters in their first year? Or am I misunderstanding? And if so, what are they?

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Yes, Student. Elementary students in the mainland have to work very hard nowadays. As I posted in another thread, mainland children are typically required to recognize 1600-1800 characters and write 800-1000 by the end of second grade, recognize 2500 characters and write 2000 by the end of fourth (compared with reading/writing? 360 characters at the end of second grade, and 870 characters by the end of fourth in Taiwan). See http://www.chinese-forums.com/showthread.php?p=68810#post68810

Here's a vocab list for grade 1-4 for one particular textbook series (about 2700 characters for reading and 2000 for writing):


And here is a vocab list for grade 1-3 for a series of experimental textbooks (which means that they are more demanding).



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