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HSK Grammar Patterns?


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I am looking for the grammar patterns that are listed in the HSK outline. When I was looking for the HSK vocabulary words, this is the site that had them. I hope someone here has the official HSK grammar patterns. I already have four or more grammar books, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything that will come up on the HSK.

Thanks for your help!

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I don't know of any websites which make this information available, although I do think it would be very useful as it would allow you to see what knowledge of '把', for example, is needed at each level and would prevent people who really only need to understand 把杯子给我 worrying about something like 你们看把他们累得不知道东西南北了。

There are books which cover it, such as the one mentioned here, but it doesn't seem easy to get hold of.

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I found these two Chinese grammar practice books published by BCLU Press to be very helpful:

For the elementary and intermediate level



And for the advanced level



They both start out with an overview of the grammar patterns covered by that particular level of the HSK. Then they proceed to give you many exercises in applying those patterns, and very importantly, the books have fairly detailed explanations for all the exercises.

I would highly recommend them for the more advanced learner, whether or not you are practicing for the HSK. (Note that at least the advanced book is entirely in Chinese. The elementary/intermediate-level book may be, as well.) They are the most practical Chinese grammar books I've found. Most other Chinese grammar books I've seen have been full of technical jargon, as if they are written for linguists.

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