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One-on-One language tuition in Bejing


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hi all,

Does anyone know of good programs in Beijing/Shanghai that offer one-to-one tuition or very small class sizes (10 or less)? It doesn't seem as if any of the universities do, but presumably some private schools might?

Alternatively does anyone know of such courses in Taiwan? (apart from ICLP)

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In beijing think diqiucun, and juncheng edu can provide one-one classes. I attended one-one classes at the taipei language institute and found them invaluable.

If you search the forum you should find more info on these options...

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To be honest, I think any of the private schools will do private tuition if you ask them to - they'll just act as a middle man with the teacher. If visas and accomodation - and private schools offer limited if any support in these areas - aren't an issue then you might be best off just turning up and finding a tutor you like to work with directly. Will work out cheaper and you'll have more choice.

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thanks for the help everyone.

I studied Chinese for 3 years in high school, 1 in uni. I can watch Chinese TV soaps, recognise 800-1000 characters and understand basic texts (though not newspapers).

I'm aiming for a professional level of Chinese - writing, reading, speaking, listening. One day I may be working with Chinese at an academic level.

I'm not sure if a university course or one-on-one tuition is appropriate. Though I'm set on going to Beijing either way, for 6-12 months.

Any advice?

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