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Is Star Trek popular in China?

Kong Junrui

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Have a look here for the Chinese names of a number of Star Trek products. Not sure how popular it is - pretty sure it isn't shown on TV, but I've seen Voyager, Next Generation and Babylon 5 (is that a Star Trek spin off?) DVD box sets on sale in Beijing.

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I think B-5 was a big hit globally. There another was a weird Tv-show and film in the west - it was a sci-fi that mixed both Chinese and Western culture

It was called 螢火蟲 'firefly', the movie was named 'serenity' but rather than being a pure space-film it was also a western cowboy movie. An 动作(Action), 冒险(Adventure), 科幻(Sci-Fi)all rolled into one

some links on it




StarTrek films , Total recall, Starwars movies and a whole host of otherHollywood films have been released in Hongkong and Taiwan, although most releases are a few months late because of translation time

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There are a several different concepts: 科幻 SF 奇幻 Fantasy 魔幻 Magic 悬幻 Horror-fantasy (and/or magic realism). There's also 玄幻, which is a kind of pulp-adventure with possible SF or fantasy elements, like the Wesley novels by Ni Kuang or Huang Yi's less martial-arts intense novels. (longer explanation here)

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Pure sci-fi ( space movies, cyborg films ) is not something that Asia did very well, they stuck to a mix of fantasy, Magic Kungfu or horror-fantasy like zhwj mentioned and that might be due to some reasons.

In Asia they had no real history of these movies while the Western world has been doing the sci-fi genre and refined and re-invented it for over a hundred years ( Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Shelley's Frankenstein, the Melies movie Trip to the Moon...)

Big epic sci-fi are often expensive productions and require huge sets, expensive computer FX or lot of props like in the movies Terminator, Dune, Krull, Underworld, Total Recall, Robocop, 2001, Aliens...

but the good productions today are becoming a lot cheaper, plus Asia has is now making its own animated scifi productions, computer-games or their own homegrown scifi movies and Asia been exposed to many foreign sci-fi shows like StarTrek, X-files, Stargate SG1...et cetera

Times have started to change in Asia

and the pure science-fiction genre is gathering speed with movies like Korea's natural city, the Returner movie, scifi books in mainland China, Japan anime like Akira, Taiwanese science fiction novels, HongKong's GenX and Gen-Y cops, 2009:LostMemories, Save the GreenPlanet, Ghost in the Shell, S.Korea's Yesterday there also are many other titles but I just can't think of them now

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i've been snooping around this forum for a long time, but never had a reason to post anyhting before;

now i do, so i registered

Can anyone tell me if on or more of the StarTrek-series have been dubbed?

I'd like to rewatch DS9 or VOY and it would be great if I could combine this with practising my Chinese...

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