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Welcome to the site, Tommie. While it would be nice to let everyone edit the first post, then every random app developer who's just put something new on the App Store would come along and add their product. Which isn't really what we want. 


If any regulars want to take over editing of the first post, or would like to start a new similar topic they'll maintain, that'd be welcome. 

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I have found ChinesePod to be super helpful, I've used the site for almost 8 years now.  They have been running some great promotions recently. Thought I would share!


$100 dollars off of a Premium Annual Account
Use the code: Infinity at checkout 


Get a month of Premium access for 1 penny.

Use the code: PennyPenny at checkout


Get $40 off a quarterly premium membership

Use the code: spiderman at checkout


Hope those help!!

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I just registered with them and they sent me the same discounts by email. I remember getting similar discounts years ago. I think its just a standard first user discount as everyone seems to get it, can't be sure though


Chinese pod frustrates me quite a lot. I can see that's its highly relevant but the lack of rigor is annoying for my personal learning style.


Having said that, its just $149 for a years membership (with discount) so I think I will take the plunge as soon as I finish this post :) The USD GBP rate is the best its been in 5 years so only £87 for the UK boys and girls. 

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