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Hi i'm producing a show on anient chinese technology for the history channel in the US. and i'm trying to find some illustrations of the following weapons:

crossbow with stirrup

crossbow with double pronged claw for belt

crossbow with grid-sight

crossbow with tube for bolt to slide through

grenade like bomb launched by catapult

fire lance

bronze fire lance

cast iron bullets (chips and pellets) for fire lance

multi-barreled fire lance

cartwheel gun

cannon ammo- rounded stones, metal spheres filled with black powder

thundercrash bombs

land mines- illustrations, cast iron balls filled with black powder,

triggered land mines

signal bombs

ground rat hand grenade

earth rat hand grenade

hand grenade

bow powered grenade (grenade on arrow)

does anyone know where i may be able to find illustrations of these?

Thanks for any help!

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I've heard you shouldn't go there with any expectation of respect from the other posters or that you shouldn't make statements about any controversial or uncontroversial interpretations of Chinese history.

Not true. I'm the admin of China History Forum, and you will be surprised that some members over there make many controversial interpretations of chinese history and we still allow that, provided that they continue to respect other members' view.

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