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Cantonese learners- McDull


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A very funny clip of McDull for Cantonese learners! See if you understand it...

I love the sound of the "la" or "lo" when the doctor says [pop=common/pǔtōng]普通[/pop][pop=ailment/bìng]病[/pop]囉 and the other "a" and "la" sounds. :) Actually the doctor has a nice voice, I think.


What on earth is [pop=拜拜/bàibài]拜拜[/pop][pop=meat/ròu]肉[/pop]?!

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OMG, thanks so much! It's amazing how the Internet makes so much possible. In my day we had the old version of Practical Chinese Reader (with the oddly-named Gubo and Palanka) and notepad and pencil :mrgreen:

Rather bizarrely, the website seems to be inacessible here but I got the player to open anyhow.

Atitarev, there is an option for pop-ups on the left of the screen when you are writing a post, it says, adsotate.

Still laughing at [pop=excess fat under arms/bàibàiròu]拜拜肉[/pop]...

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