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Comics 聾貓


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Oh, thanks skylee, this is hilarious! I should love 宫崎骏 de animation more after seeing this. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes! We should start a thread collecting interesting comics around the world! What a brilliant idea! :lol:

PS: ‘揸’ 是什么意思?

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哇哈哈哈!!!! So funny!! :mrgreen: What is 靓仔?(in 我問你, 你係咪耍我 part) Sorry, don't know its pronunciation and cannot type it in traditional font. Does it mean 'brat'? 'stupd'? or what else?

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Although I am thrown at the choice of characters for 坐(做) and 话(講). also, 咪 is a little irregular, isn't it?

They're at a bus stop, so 坐 is correct. 話 can act as a verb in Cantonese. 咪 is a contraction of 唔係 (係咪 = 是不是). If you don't speak Cantonese, the comic strips are a little difficult to understand.

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I speak some Cantonese, but I'm not a native speaker and am not too used to it. I definitely get the joke, though I don't know all the words and since I'm not native it doesn't tickle me quite the same way. I'm actually not Chinese, and so I have not grown up with any Chinese language, so some of my comprehension problems may be a bit basic.

Essentially, what I don't understand are these:

-"你係咪龙猫" -- if I understand you correctly, you say that she's asking if the cat is indeed a cat? I thought 咪=咩=乜野.

-"我话" -- is this a verb or a noun? Is it pronounced "ngo wa"? I just assumed it was an easier way to write 我講. 话,话,话...

-"你係咪耍我" -- if 咪=唔 then this is 'are you joking me', but I thought it was 咩=乜野 for 'what're you trying to pull'. My Chinese really isn't that good....

-I guess on inspection of the second strip, "呢度系咪排队买.." makes more sense if 咪=唔 than if it were 咩....

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"你係咪龍貓" = "你係唔係龍貓" = "Are you Totoro". When we say "係唔係" real fast, it sounds like "係咪". "咪=咩=乜野" is wrong. This is 龍貓 / Totoro.

"我話" = "I say". It is pronounced "ngo wa". It is NOT an easier way to WRITE "我講".

"你係咪耍我" = "你係唔係耍我" = "Are you making fun of me". Again here "係咪" = "係唔係". Same for "呢度系咪排隊", which means " 呢度系唔係排队" .

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