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I applied for a Chinese Bridge Scholarship C for a 4 weeks short course. Last week I received an admission notice letter where they advised me to apply for a student visa with a JW202 Visa application form and the admission notice letter. And that was all! Nothing was mentioned about the scholarship. Just 'welcome to the College of Intensive Chinese Language as a Language Student'.

I'm now worried about two things. The first thing is the scholarship: If I don't have any certificate about it how can I proof it when I'm there at the BLCU desk?

Another problem is the Visa application form JW202 that is not available in the internet.

Does anyone of you know what is the procedure with a Chinese Bridge Scholarship? Am I too hasty. Are they going to send me later the scholarship certificate and the Visa application form (I have already asked if form Chinese embassy but haven't got any reply so far).

Please :help , I should pay air tickets the day after to-morrow or give the booking away.

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Don't expect the Chinese embassy to call you back. Or really deal with your concerns by telephone because chances are they process a lot of this sort of paperwork each day. The only way to get this sort of stuff done is be proactive and do it yourself. Yes, they do not make it easy.

Go down to the embassy or consulate. They will have the necessary visa application forms. You will need to bring any documentation your school has given you. And will also have to provide your passport and a couple of those color 2 inch passport-size photos. Once you have the photos you should be able to complete the rest of the forms at the embassy.

TIP: if you are going in on a student visa, you may need to get an extensive medical check before you go. This is an enormous hassle. If you're going to be in the country for less than 6 months, you can always ask to be given an F visa, because people don't worry about it. And assuming you need to get the tests done in the US this will save you a lot of money.

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Thanks Trevelyan,

I know the procedure how to get the Visa if I just have the JW202 application form. The embassy is 400 km from my home, so I would rather have it by (e-)mail.

My main problem is, in addison to the JW202 form, that they didn't send me the certificate of the scholarship. I think that certificate has some information that I need when fill the Visa application form. Right?

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well, i'm just guessing,but...

they probably do not need your certificate about getting scholarship, i mean, you have the admission letter from the school you'll study, so that's enough for getting a study visa - scolarship only means that you won't be paying for it yourself,otherwise there's not much difference.

i'm studying on a scholarship now, and i cannot remember getting any evidence about me having got the scholarship when i went to get visa.

anyway, my point is, they would have sent you all the necessary papers. and, if really really necessary, your local chinese embassy will know whom to call in china, to check if you really got the scholarship.

don't panic, and really - i'd worry more about the health certificate

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Thanks a lot lau,

I try to relax with the scholarship thing. It was just a nightmare to think about standing there in the BLCU desk trying to claim - in Chinese - that you have a scholarhip though you dont have any paper about it.

So I'll try to get somehow the Visa application form JW202 and hope everything goes as you told. The health certificate is not a problem - I don't need it because i'm there only 4 weeks!

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Hey Tarur,

I'm exactly in the same situation as you, I've just received the admission notice, the JW202 form today and I am completely lost.

I don't know what to do and I'm leaving very soon (25 June), all the administration things need to be done asap.

So what I understand is that I have to fill the visa application then I have to send the visa application, JW202 form and enrollment letter to the ambassy??

When are you going to study at BLCU? maybe we will meet there hahaha

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