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is anyone studying or studied in kunming?


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I am planning to come to kunming in august, and considering taking private lessons at YNNU. has anyone done that and can give me some feedback?

or if you now of other options for a short term study in the summer: around 6 weeks between august and october


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Well, I just got back from Yunnan Normal University, and I think their program is not very bad for the price that they're offering and the wonderful facilities (computer lab, coffee shop, multimedia lab, ping pong table!). And you should take a look at the variety of their student body! If you want to learn more about Kunming, Yunnan Normal University, or just China in general, check out the site that is in my signature below.

I also took one-on-one for two of my classes, reading and speaking. I think most of the teacheres are pretty good at their job and their mandarin are pretty standard (you have to be if you're going to teach foreigners Mandarin). If you want a one-on-one teacher at Yunnan Normal University, I can recommend you my old tutor and I'll ask him to charge you less than what the school charged me.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me or post a reply. Good luck!

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loved it there hard seats and chalk boards 14hrs/week of classes

it's even more intense if you do the hw

i didn't but it's a great place the chinese kids are awesome to talk to in chinese since they can't speak english

i've lived in nanjing now for 1.5 years

kunming is the real china, like the cultural revolution jsut finished 6 months ago

kunming is the china you've been dreaming of

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kunming is the china you've been dreaming of

I think that really depends on who you are and what you want out of Kunming.

As with any Chinese cities, you will get terrible days as well as awesome days. There are many things that I do not like about Kunming. Stuff like local dialect, local food, business owners often made me want to leave for another place. But the sunny weather, great friends, relaxing atmosphere, and girlfriend would make me want to live there indefinitely. Though overall, I think Kunming is a good place to spend a year studying Chinese, but not a city to work in, unless you plan on opening a cool bar, in which case, I would head back for the party.:D

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I studied in kunming for 4 months and have some really fond memories. Studied a month at YNNU and then 3 months at YNU. Both OK, but same methods of teaching as everywhere else. Study book, new words, sentences, paragraphs, grammar . . . . zzzz.

I think my bad memories have been clouded by the good memories - small gripes are the universal acceptance that kun ming has 4 seasons like spring - try telling that to yourself in January when it's 5C outside and there's no heating in your house or you have to attend class in your gloves.

Also, agree it's probably difficult to find yourself a decent job once you finish studying.

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