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汇报/报告 what's the difference?


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Hi folks

Can anyone tell me the differences in the usages of 汇报 and 报告?

As far as I can tell, 报告 as a noun means 'report, speech, talk, lecture'. Used as a verb, it's to 'make known, report'.

Then, 汇报 is also 'report', and 'to give an account' of something.

I thought they were interchangeable. But when I write:

在这次大会上,总理做了政府工作汇报 it's wrong.

The appropriate term to be using here is 报告。

Also, 会上大家听取了我的思想报告,很受教育 is also wrong.

The appropriate term to be using is 汇报。 

Can anyone tell me why? 



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汇报 tends to be a) to superiors and B) a summary rather than a full report, I think. Although as Skylee says, they're often interchangable. If I look both of them up in my dictionary, the differences are that 汇报 involves summarizing information and data, and 报告 is the reporting of events or opinions, and both are aimed at 'superiors or the public'

In some cases it's just colocation - you can‘t say 思想报告 but you can say 思想汇报.

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As a verb, 报告 means report or make known, e.g. report sth to the police/leader.

As a noun, it means report/speech/talk/lecture.

While 汇报 also means report or give an account of...

Roddy has given good explanation. From another perspective, I may say that when you 汇报 sth, it implies that you have involved in the issue or you know details about it. But 报告 means report to sb the issue which just happened and you are perhaps a witness or sth like in the expression report sth to the police.

And 汇报 implies you are reporting sth to the person or organization which is superior to you.

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