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TCM Questionnaire


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hey everybody,

Im in the middle of a research project and have written a questionnaire, was wondering if anybody caould translate it into chinese for me, if anybody thinks that there are more suitable or relevany questions please feel free to ammend, all opinions are appreciated. I dont know if ammendments can be uploaded back onto the forum, but I have included my email below in case not.

Thanks all,



questonaire TCM.doc

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Questionnaire


Thanks for taking the time to look over this, If anybody knows of any other suitable questions that can be used in this questionnaire, or believe that some of these questions should be amended to be more effective please feel free to change them. The target audience is people within Beijing of all ages; this questionnaire is designed to give results of Chinese peoples opinions and beliefs towards Traditional Chinese Medicine in contemporary china. All opinions are highly appreciated, Chris.


1.If fallen ill by an everyday illness, would you use Chinese of Western medicine?


2.If taken ill by a serious illness which would you most willing to be treated by, Chinese of Western medicine?


3.Throughout your lifetime would you say you have been treated more by Chinese or Western medicine?


4.Which medicine do you believe to be more effective at curing disease? Chinese or Western?


5.Which medicine do you believe to have greater side effects? Chinese or Western?


6.Do your Elder family members use more Chinese or Western medicine?


7.Do your family members of similar age use more Chinese or Western?


8.Do your family members of younger age use more Chinese of Western medicine?


9.When going to a medicine shop, what factors influence your decision to buy Chinese or western medicine 1) Shop attendant 2) Advertisement seen before entering the shop 3) Recommendation from friend/relative 4) Doctors prescription 5) Packaging of the medicine seen within shop

去药店,是什么因素影响你去购买中药或西药:1)店员 2)在进店之前就看过的广告 3)朋友或亲戚的介绍 4)医生的处方 5)在店里见到的药品的外包装

10.When taken ill do you go to Chinese or western hospital? What factors might influence your decision?


11.Which medicine do you think is more convenient to use?


12.Which medicine do you believe to be faster acting, Chinese or Western??


13.Which medicine would you trust more, Chinese or Western?


14.Do you believe TCM is more relevant as part of Culture or Science, and why?


15.Which medicine do you think treats the root of the illness more effectively, Chinese or Western medicine??


16.Which medicine do you think treats the ramification of the illness more effectively?


17.Which medicine do you think is better for chronic diseases?


18.Which medicine do you think is better for acute diseases?


19.Do you believe illnesses are cause by heat/coldness or by germs and bacteria?


20.When do you go to see a doctor, only after you are ill, or generally for check ups?


21.What type of circumstance would you prefer to use Traditional Chinese medicine rather than Western medicine.


What type of medicine do you believe to be the most convenient and easiest to take? Pills / herbal concoction / Liquid medicines / Injection /?



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