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basic phrases in Qinghaihua


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I'd like to learn a few words of Qinghai-hua, a dialect of Mandarin spoken in Qinghai province... hello, thank you, good bye, water, stuff like that. I am having difficulties finding Web resources in English and I am yet a beginner in Chinese to be able to use Chinese websites.

thanks for any help

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If you mean a significant linguistic departure from 'standard mandarin", there is no "qinghaihau" per se. perhaps a local "rusticization" of some pronunciation, and certainly indioms. But the Qinghai region is now over 50% Han (and a sizeable percentage of that, first generation Han who have relocated within the last 10 years). The second biggest population, Tibetan, is divided into two language groups, one a derivative of the other.

Obviously, if you are there, you will learn the "indigenous" language, be it Tibetan or whatver... but good luck finding a website or Berlitz audiotapes. :-)


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