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    • abcdefg
      Top 12 dim sum By abcdefg in Signese 0
      Here's another dim sum menu, sort of. This one is especially useful because it features only 12 items from a busy upstairs restaurant that offers probably a hundred items. (I ate upstairs.) These take away selections are available for purchase on the street level. My guess is they are some of the house's best sellers. This place was across the street from my Hong Kong (Wan Chai) hotel 華美粵海酒店。

      If you figure out and learn these 12 items, you might not be a dim sum virtuoso, but you won't go hungry and will be able to gain a toehold in the dim sum world.
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    • Jessica1991
      My boyfriend (American citizen) is rejected when he applied for L visa (tourist visa) twice from the consulate. They didn't give any reason, so we do not know why when we had all documents that they required, and an invitation letter from me, itinerary,and flight booking information. I am not sure if he is on the so called "blacklist" and I really need to know if it will affect his further application for L visa or Q visa after some months or when we are married.
    • Oswulf
      Whilst Thai is a tonal language, the tones are not necessary for understanding.  This is evinced by:   (a) The ability to understand whispered Thai.   (b) The ability readily to understand written Thai using IPA, but eliminating all tone marks.   Since I'm curious about tonogenesis in Tai languages, I was wondering how important tones are for understanding in Chinese languages (my working hypothesis being that Tai acquired its tone system from neighbouring Chinese languages).   So, my question is, can Chinese languages be easily understood when presented without tones?   Thanks
    • apb
      Hi everyone!   I have recently acquired this bonsai pot and was told it was bought in Hong Kong ~40 years ago. From the limited research I've been able to do, my best guess is that it is a Yixing from the cultural revolution period (although I'm not really sure). I'm looking for some help with translating the engravings on the pot so that I can start working on a tree to match the overall concept of the saying & artwork . I've been able to decipher kiln/artist chop marks on most of my pots, but I'm really having trouble making out the script on this one!   Is the first group of characters the family/kiln name? The only word I may have figured out is the one following that... I think it may be shadow? ( 影 ) and also ( 一 ) at the end.   In terms of the branch depicted on the other side... are those plum blossoms?   Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!  
    • Zbigniew
      香港会成为下一个西藏吗?   By Yi Zheng Lian     I’m struggling to accept that 等于in the following passage is being used well. I feel uncomfortable with 上诉法庭 (“the appeal court”) functioning as the subject of 等于 (“equivalent to/tantamount to”). Are my reservations justified or have I misunderstood the way 等于can be used? Any help appreciated.     近日的改判引发的愤慨,更多地是关乎上诉法庭处理该案的非同寻常的方式,而非严厉的惩罚本身。相关程序本应以下级法庭的判决为重心,但却更进一步,重新诠释了该案的事实。上诉法庭实际上等于在判决中宣称,三名活动人士曾使用预谋暴力占领公共空间。 The outcry that followed the recent resentencing was not so much about the tough punishments as the unusual manner in which the appeals court handled the case. The proceeding was supposed to focus on the lower court’s sentences, but it went much further and reinterpreted the facts of the case. The court effectively claimed in its ruling that the three activists had used premeditated violence to occupy public space.    
    • Shelley
      Hopefully this will be the next book I read - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chinese-Typewriter-Thomas-S-Mullaney/dp/0262036363 The Chinese Typewriter by Thomas S. Mullaney.   The review I read in New Scientist  (week 23 sept 2017) was intriguing and I have put it on my Birthday/Christmas list when it comes out in paperback.   It discusses the reasons why a chinese typewriter from around the turn of the last century became a racist joke and the implications and ideas surrounding the "crazy" idea of chinese typewriter. It discusses how Chinese was considered "more primitive than Indo-European Languages" mainly because it lacks an alphabet.  He points out that movable type was invented in China 400 years before Gutenberg's invention. There is more on the different aspects of the chinese language and writing it.   I have not read more than the review and my summary is only very sketchy. Try to read the New Scientist article and/or the book.   I am looking forward to reading this book.
    • gena0411
      Hello,   I have encountered a sentence in mandarin companion "sixty years dream" graded reader.   All the words are clear, but the meaning is not.   以后的中国不是一个人的中国,是我们每一个人的中国   Could you please help with this?   Thanks    Genady   P.S. I was not sure whether this belongs to "quick translation" category or this one. Since it's not really about words, it seemed sentence structure category is a more appropriate one. 
    • Publius
      Here's a list of Cantonese radio stations that I've compiled over the years. Since Mandarin is of no interest to me, only sister stations of Cantonese ones are included. All URLs tested in VLC.   香港電台第一台http://rthkaudio1-lh.akamaihd.net/i/radio1_1@355864/index_56_a-p.m3u8   香港電台第二台http://rthkaudio2-lh.akamaihd.net/i/radio2_1@355865/index_56_a-p.m3u8   香港電台第五台http://rthkaudio5-lh.akamaihd.net/i/radio5_1@355868/index_56_a-p.m3u8   香港電台普通話台http://rthkaudio6-lh.akamaihd.net/i/radiopth_1@355869/index_56_a-p.m3u8 商業一台雷霆881http://d3ca3xccq5z5hu.cloudfront.net/radio-HTTP/cr1-hd.3gp/chunklist.m3u8 商業二台叱咤903 http://d3ca3xccq5z5hu.cloudfront.net/radio-HTTP/cr2-hd.3gp/chunklist.m3u8 新城財經台http://metroradio-lh.akamaihd.net/i/104_h@349798/master.m3u8 新城知訊台http://metroradio-lh.akamaihd.net/i/997_h@349799/master.m3u8 民間電台http://radio1.citizensradio.org:8000/xstream (Domain name is blocked in mainland China) 澳門電台中文頻道rtmp://live3.tdm.com.mo/radio/rch2.live 星島中文電台粵語台(三藩市)http://panel9.serverhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/xtkdhomf.pls   星島中文電台國語台(三藩市)http://panel9.serverhostingcenter.com:2199/tunein/rdfezvqt.pls KMRB粵語廣播電台(洛杉磯)http://mobilewzrc.serverroom.us:6916/;stream.nsv KAZN中文廣播電台(洛杉磯)http://mobilewzrc.serverroom.us:6914/;stream.nsv WZRC紐約華語廣播(紐約)http://mobilewzrc.serverroom.us:6910/;stream.mp3 WKDM華語廣播國語台(紐約)http://mobilewkdm.serverroom.us:6912/;stream.mp3 MRBI Cantonese Music Channelhttp://mobilemandarin.serverroom.us:6918/;stream.nsv 華僑之聲(溫哥華) (Used to be a Cantonese station, but now carries a lot of Mandarin programs produced by CRI)http://ice5.securenetsystems.net/CHMB 加拿大中文電台(多倫多) (Cantonese, Mandarin, a variety of other languages)rtmp://wm7.eseenet.com:1935/radio/am1430.stream rtmp://wm7.eseenet.com:1935/radio/fm889.stream 加拿大中文電台(溫哥華)rtmp://wm7.eseenet.com:1935/radio/am1470.streamrtmp://wm7.eseenet.com:1935/radio/fm961.stream 加拿大中文電台(卡加利)rtmp://wm7.eseenet.com:1935/radio/fm947.stream 2AC澳洲華人電台粵語頻道http://s21.myradiostream.com:13762/;listen.mp3 2AC澳洲華人電台國語頻道http://s9.myradiostream.com:43292/;listen.mp3 3CW澳大利亞中文廣播電台http://streamer2.rightclickitservices.com:7210/;stream.mp3 3CW澳大利亞中文廣播經濟生活台http://streamer2.rightclickitservices.com:7220/;stream.mp3 紐西蘭華人之聲FM99.4真快活http:// 紐西蘭華人之聲AM936新超凡http:// 紐西蘭華人之聲FM104.2華人音樂台 (中國國際廣播電台華英語節目) 倫敦國際廣播電台 (5-6PM普通話,6-7PM廣東話,7-8PM重播普通話)http://direct.sharp-stream.com/spectrum5.mp3 CRI環球資訊http://sk.cri.cn/905.m3u8 http://cri-lh.akamaihd.net/i/cri905_1@183457/index_48_a-b.m3u8   CRI華語環球http://sk.cri.cn/hyhq.m3u8   RTI國語http:// mms://media.ccdntech.com/wmtencoder/rti/cbs2.wmv   RTI閩客粵語 mms://media.ccdntech.com/wmtencoder/rti/cbs3.wmv   YES 933 (新加坡)  
    • Luxi
      There are 2 very good Chinese TV series currently running on Netflix, though not in all countries, see below. Both are subtitled in English (unfortunately no option to see the Chinese subtitles). Both are recommended. King's War  (2012), 楚汉传奇, is an 80 episodes series based on the Chu-Han Contention at the end of the Qin Dynasty. It seems to follow Sima Qian's accounts quite closely, acting is good and the sets are impressively good.    Qin Empire: Alliance  (2013) is actually the 2nd series in an ongoing set of dramas charting the rise of the State of Qin during the Warring States Period and the creating of the Qin Empire. Unfortunately, the real Series 1 (2009) has been omitted for no known reason, though IMO it is the most interesting so far since it comprises Lord Shang Yang's reforms that created the conditions for the rise of Qin. Series 1 also has a great music score These series are based on 大秦帝国 an 18-volumes historical novel by Sun Haohui (孙皓晖) , in parts, apparently, modified for more historical accuracy. I tried to read the book but it was heavy going for me, too many technical/military terms!   This page shows in what countries it is available: https://whatsnewonnetflix.com/uk/m/qin-empire-alliance-season-1            
    • evn108
      而吳黃龍已前雖引漢曆二十餘年,其實吳之首事。   I think I know what this sentence is saying, but I can't really figure out... how it is saying it? This is from an introduction to a history of the Southern Dynasties, in a section that is outlining the scope of the project and introducing the dynasties, how long each of them lasted, and the dating system (I believe it refers to the way dates are recorded within the text itself). So based on the context I think it means that the text will use Han reign names for the early history of Wu, even though at this point there are already Wu reign names. It follows a sentence that explains that this text begins in year one of the Xingping era of the Eastern Han (194), and ends in the final year of the Zhenming era of the Chen dynasty (589). But I can't figure out the grammar of the sentence? the 已前雖引 part is really tripping me up. The best I can come up with is "And (for events prior to) the end of the Huanglong era of Wu (229-231), although (I) cite the Han calendar for more than twenty years, this is the true beginning of the kingdom of Wu." Does that seem right? Or is there a better way to parse this?
    • lukasfr
      Hi folks! I need a translator from image of (probably) some tea. My friend ask me to find this, but I don't even know what to look for. Could you please translate the text on this image? Is there any "name" of what was in the box? Thank you in advance
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    • roddy
      Signese Revival 9 By roddy in Signese 1
      One fairly random photo of Chinese characters in action, per week, until sometime in 2018. And perhaps longer if I'm encouraged. Those who want to contribute their own random photos of Chinese characters are welcome, just get in touch and I'll add you to the contributor list so you can post directly, from computer or phone.
      I wonder what a non-民用 key is. 

    • abcdefg
      Dim Sum Menu By abcdefg in Signese 1
      Here is the menu for the recent food article in which I reported on three mornings of Cantonese dim sum. This menu is from Yulong Seafood Hotpot Restaurant in Macau, near Ponte 16. The dim sum article is here: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/54982-enjoying-dim-sum/?tab=comments#comment-424075
      (You can click the photos to enlarge them.)


      The waitress brings a pencil along with the menu, and you put a check mark below the items that you want to eat. She told me it didn't matter which box I checked, one of which is for ordering an item a la carte 单点 and the other for ordering an item as part of a larger meal 加单。
      She returns later with a typed receipt for the order as it was entered into their system. Always a good idea to double check at that point to be sure there was no mixup. Pricing category designations appear beside the name of the item: 特点,大点,中点,小点。

      I always try to pick up a blank extra menu so I can study it at my leisure later in the day and do a better job of ordering tomorrow.
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