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    • Mwai
      Hello All, Is the CSC link for registration/logging in down? I have been trying to access it for  over week now without luck. I want to apply for the MOFCOM scholarship.
    • HarryJS
      Hello, What is the name of the default Chinese ring back melody; the artist and the name of the song. The sad piano tune. Been here long enough(?); you know the one I mean. I have tried google but since I don't speak Chinese nor read nor write it my search is coming up to a dead end. (mainly how to get rid of said "sad piano song") Thank you.
    • Christa
      For white wine and red wine, do you guys just say 白酒 and 红酒 or do you say 白葡萄酒 and 红葡萄酒?   I once said 白酒 and the person I was talking to thought I meant liquor. Did any of you ever get that?     Christina
    • hoshinoumi
      Can anyone help me with this expression? 不懂人情    I know the meaning of every word individually but can't put it all together. I know 不懂人情世故, is it any closer in meaning? Thank you
    • jdfk00
      So i have to present a song in front of my class using the Chinese language I need to say the reason to share why i want to share that particular music, but my vocabulary is very limited,   so how do i say "This music have a really nice catchy beat to it, and i just like this music"   I'm really bad at writing so any alteration would be fine, Thanks in advanced
    • Gharial
      Can you think of any examples of the tí (提) or tick/check-like rightwards rising stroke that aren't part of other strokes or part of items potentially viewable/decomposable as radicals (regardless of position conventional or otherwise within a character)?   For example, 冰 is no use because that is 'ice' on the left there, and 竖提 is no good because it's a complex/compound stroke. I'm talking about just tí (提) "alone" yet as a component of a character.   Sorry for the possibly weird-sounding and somewhat badly-phrased question, but I have my reasons for asking.
    • martinc999
      Hi All,   My interest is in studying Chinese history.  Does anyone know where I can get a tutor to help guide me?  I know that there are online courses but I find I need regular contact with a tutor to explain further & give me a chance to discuss what I study.   Martin
    • emuboy
      Hey everyone,   I made a post about a month and a half ago about how to best revise my study method; I've been progressing nicely however I have a couple of questions:   - I'm up to Lesson 35 in the Growing Up With Chinese series, I ripped the audio and use them as a source for listening practice rather than an actual lesson (skip the culture + radical section), I'm going well with it and I like that they use the 'r on the end of everything however I'm finding it's getting a bit stale doing this every day. I'm looking for some additional sources of material, I found this video earlier and it seemed OK (the subtitles are a nuisance but once the audio is ripped it would be a useful listening source): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrhiXZzPCsA. Can anyone recommend some other listening sources - preferably with a Northern accent and preferably free although I'd be down for any recommendations.   - I have started using graded readers and am now on my final book at the first level for the Mandarin Graded Companion Readers. As I'm leaving the country soon I don't have enough time to order in any hard copies of books so I can only really download ebooks/Kindle books. I'm not sure whether I should try reading the next level of readers or buy more at the same level. Are there any other ebooks anyone on here knows of that they can recommend?   Cheers!
    • Drew Chen
      I took the HSK LV3 exam this morning.I had a rather strange experience towards the end.    First, I was given a score report (195, 180 was cutoff)  right after and told that I passed... is this normal? Is the writing graded by algorithm? Or is the score temporary.   Second, I feel that I missed something in the writing section. My score was really really low, and I feel that I might have missed something. All I had to do with rearrange the characters into a coherent sentence right? Did it matter if I added extra characters to make the sentence make sense?    
    • Luxi
      Also for Chrome (or Firefox or Opera)   Chinese Tools offered by https://www.purpleculture.net/   Tools provided in this extension includes: - Chinese to Pinyin/Zhuyin conversion - Traditional/Simplified Chinese conversion - Vocabulary list generator - Dictionary lookup - Translate to English - Chinese text to speech   It works from the context menu: highlight and right click to get the list of options. I like the TTS - it sounds humans but bots are getting too good these days, it may not be.   The website is well worth a visit. It's a Hong Kong bookshop with lots of titles for Chinese learners offering easier payment and shipping options than mainland sites, it allows Paypal for payments. I haven't compared prices. The site also has an array of diverse tools for learners, something for everyone.  
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    • roddy
      Signese Revival 26 By roddy in Signese 1
      One fairly random photo of Chinese characters in action, per week, until sometime in 2018. And perhaps longer if I'm encouraged. Those who want to contribute their own random photos of Chinese characters are welcome, just get in touch and I'll add you to the contributor list so you can post directly, from computer or phone.
      I soon got bored of framing photos to point out people ignoring signs.

    • anonymoose
      温馨提示 By anonymoose in Signese 1
      How do you know whether you are complying with the regulation on this sign?

    • js6426
      考得怎么样? By js6426 in Chinese Language And Literature Degree 2
      First semester is over and exams are finished!  It feels strange to be entering into my big break now, rather than in between years, but it's still a very welcome break.  I was very pleased with how my exams went, and finished with 94, 96, 98 and 99, in speaking, comprehensive, listening and reading/writing respectively.  Obviously those are pretty good grades, but to be honest I don't think they are all that meaningful, and while I do of course want to score high in my exams, the emphasis has to be on actually being able to effectively use Chinese!  I enjoy exams as they are great for showing me my limits and areas that need the most work, but with something as vast as a language I think it is hard to put together a 2 hour test, especially at this point in our learning.  Although I think it changes in the future, our speaking final didn't even have any speaking on it! 
      Stand out things across my exams - TONES!  Still the hardest thing for me is distinguishing tones that I hear.  The only reason I was able to do so well on my listening was because I knew the majority of the words that came up in the pinyin sentences, and so was able to mark the tones on them before even hearing them on the audio.  Other than just continuing to listen as much as possible, I am not sure what else I can do to get better at this.
      Knowing when something is wrong - although I haven't seen the graded exams, I imagine this was the section I dropped most marks on in my speaking test.  We were given 10-15 sentences to change, and told that some are right and some are wrong.  I only left one sentence unedited.  While I don't think I had too much trouble writing correct sentences, I felt that I probably edited some which were actually written correctly, because I simply wasn't sure enough.
      Reading/writing - while I love pretty much everything about Chinese, this is definitely the part I enjoy most.  It's also the part I can do the most self study on!  I was a little bit nervous about this exam as I hadn't been to class, and while I had studied plenty of extra stuff, I wasn't sure that I had spent enough time making sure I did actually know the content in the book.  Thankfully I was fine, and the extra stuff I have been doing has also paid off, as it meant I knew almost all of the characters across all 4 exams (there are always characters included that we haven't learned, which will steadily increase over the next period, until we have learned a lot more in our own time).  It feels good to get a head start here, and I want to try and keep this up.
      All in all I am really pleased, and encouraged to keep cracking away and working hard!  I'm not sure how much I will get done over the break, but I am not going to punish myself if I don't do a ton!  My family are here and so we are going to be spending lots of time out and about, and having fun sledging in the snow here!  I am trying to do at least something every day though, even if it is just reading over a text.  I am also taking new vocabulary/characters and putting them into sentences, which I send to a Chinese friend to edit (trying to hit an average of 5 a day), then put into Pleco flashcards and reread those sentences every day to absorb the new stuff.  This is to try and continue to build up my base of characters, as well as new vocabulary.
      I know this post is getting a bit long, but I have to say I am feeling the effectiveness of some of the things Imron wrote in a couple of threads.  Since getting rid of my Anki decks and starting to only input vocabulary that I am actually reading, all of the new words have been coming up again and again!  I heard one word in a song, so made a sentence to learn it, then saw it in a notice on the door of our building.  I can definitely see the truth in words that are important for me to learn now appearing frequently in real life, and how an SRS is meant to mimic that process.  Very cool!
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