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About this blog

In March, I sold my house, and left England to go and study and travel - In Taiwan and Mainland...


Starts off in UK, and through the series of short films sees life in Asia - My editing skills increased after the first few! 




Entries in this blog


Little film for my teacher friend in Guangdong (she's Chinese)

Speaking practice

My Chinese friend is teaching 6 and 7 year olds in Guangdong. She sent me an 11 minutes video on bilibili showing all her students asking hundreds of questions... so I made a video to send back to them . It's pretty basic speaking, but the pictures and editing took me ages! 


See if you can understand me using the non subs! 




No English subs - https://youtu.be/eQLlXU0QeE0?feature=shared


English subs - https://youtu.be/ewRQ6828G-4?feature=shared

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