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Chinese Lyrics Challenge

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Challenge #78: I like Mom's lunch box and Dad's stubble



Use the translated English lyrics below to find the title and artist of the song. Bonus points for providing a video or audio link. A short audio clip is provided as an additional hint, should you need it.

I like the sun of a mild winter
I like the first grass of spring
I like the courtyard in the afternoon and the idle swings to the side
I like midsummer's slushies
I like a clear autumn night’s bright moon
A pleasant evening sky, full of stars

I like the frogs that appear after the rain
I like the apricot flowers in front of the mountain
I like dusk on Wednesday, the twilight-kissed aquarium
I like the flocks of wild ducks
I like disorderly bookshelves
Cool breeze on the balcony, sea of lights in the distance

I like walking on Highway 96 when there are no people around
I like Takuya Kimura's long locks
I like the deer sprinting on boundless fields
I like the banyan tree in front of Grandma's house

I like Mom's lunch box
I like Dad's stubble
I like the amusement park that's still open in the August evening
I like the bell that signals the end of school
I like when the power goes out a night
Light a pair of candles in the quiet vestibule

I like the distant green hills seen from the edge of town
I like the hot air balloons flying in the western sky
I like the cobblestone road in the early morning
Steam-emitting breakfast diners, Ah Gong's osmanthus cake
I like every evening cloud, every green tree

I like you
You ought to know already
I like you
You ought to know already







Title: 我喜欢
Artist: 上海彩虹室内合唱团
Link: https://youtu.be/npPrO-xLnuE
Translation: https://www.notion.so/166b5a143bf04ad086d9dd1abdd5522e

Chinese lyrics

我喜欢 暖冬的太阳
我喜欢 初春的青草
我喜欢 午后的庭院 和一旁发呆的秋千
我喜欢 仲夏的冰沙
我喜欢 清秋的明月

我喜欢 雨后的青蛙
我喜欢 山前的杏花
我喜欢 周三的傍晚,被霞光亲吻的水族馆
我喜欢 成群的野鸭
我喜欢 凌乱的书架

我喜欢 走在无人的 九十六号公路
我喜欢 木村拓哉 长长的头发
我喜欢 无尽的田野上 奔跑的麋鹿
我喜欢 外婆门前的榕树

我喜欢 母亲的便当
我喜欢 父亲的胡渣
我喜欢 八月的夜晚 还在营业的游乐场
我喜欢 放学的铃铛
我喜欢 停电的夜晚
点一对蜡烛 在幽静的玄关

我喜欢 城市尽头那远远的青山
我喜欢 热气球飞上西边的天空
我喜欢 清晨的石板路
我喜欢 每一朵暮云,每一株绿树

你应该 也知道
你应该 也知道




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