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I like the art and slogan



I like the slogan and art of this one. Beijing subway Dec 23rd 2020.


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5 hours ago, mungouk said:

Hey @ChTTay you added the image as the 'featured image' for the blog post rather than in the post itself, so it's not properly visible.



You lost me at “featured” . I posted it again! 

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4 hours ago, 889 said:

That symbol overlay is telling you what you're not supposed to do.


Obviously, that's the meaning of that symbol. 


But what's underneath? I can't see it.

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On 12/24/2020 at 4:38 PM, ChTTay said:

You lost me at “featured”


The design of that screen is confusing. If you upload the image as "feature photo" it goes in the banner of the post, at the top, and gets cropped to fit.


To add an image to the post itself you need to "choose files...." from the part at the bottom of the post, or drag and drop it in in the "drag files here to attach", and then hit the "+" to add it, as with any normal post in the forums.



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