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Rental Choices



Here's a list of rentals and sublets advertised on a bus stop near Dongzhimen. For the purpose of reporting your answers, assume they're numbered from top to bottom. You may need to get Googling.

1) You can't afford a place all to yourself, but you absolutely have to have your own bathroom.

2) You work at Oriental Kenzo - which of these is nearest?

3) Which of these would be most likely to get good light?

4) The sublets mention two types of 间 - what are they, and what's the difference.


Recommended Comments

The two types of room (not counting the bathroom) are 正规间 and 隔断间 - a 'proper' room as in the full room as it was originally built, versus a room made by partitioning off a larger space.

I know the answers to the others too (no, honest!) but am too lazy to write them out.

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I think it's the first shared room (5th one overall) with the 独立洗手间.


Less sure about this one, but I'd pick the 6th, 7th, and 8th with a 阳台.

What does 中装 and 精装 (if I'm reading that correct) mean? I see them all over this ad, but can't find it in MDBG. [Assuming that 中装 here does not mean Chinese dress....] I'm assuming this has to do with the amount of decoration / furniture?

I assume the e.g. 6/6 层 means the room is on the 6th floor of a 6 story building?

What is the 趙 at the end of the phone number? Is that the person's name?

Roddy translated "合租" as "sublet". Is this correct? To me, sublet means that you are taking over someone else's lease or not contracting directly with the landlord. I think of 合租 more along the lines of sharing an apartment, or co-renting. Am I off here?

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I'm assuming this has to do with the amount of decoration / furniture?

That's my understanding, and I think it's the quality of the décor rather than the amount of furniture, which usually seems to be specified.

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I'd always assumed 精 would be the better but you got me Googling and came up with this where that great authority 'random person on the Internet' tells us there's no strict standard but simple decoration means it's been painted and has all the floors done and basic kit in (I guess that means there's a toilet rather than a hole in the floor :D), middle decoration is '很难界定,带有一定设计元素,可能改造房间结构,做一些特殊处理,比如交换空间有一期,把楼梯间做了一个推拉的设计。让房子更合理化,舒适化' -- i.e. they've given it a bit more thought and maybe tinkered with the apartment layout a bit, while 精装,包含软装,比如窗帘,床品,家具甚至电器,任何细节追求极致 -- you get curtains and bedding too plus maybe even a telly (so looks like I was wrong about the furnishing bit) and it's all top quality. Plenty of other answers from the assembled worthies of the online community there too.

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