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2021 Week 25 - Goals



  • daily LangCorrect (journaling platform where you also get corrections) to reach a hundred days!
  • 3 HSK 5 textbook + workbook chapters (but surprised by my comprehension! Thanks to the pause I took after HSK 4 and steady consumption of novels, I counted and knew 60% of the words in a "new" chapter!)
  • try to read the first book from the 笑猫日记 series. If it's manageable, move on to the second if I have time - if not, find another book to read
  • Readibu-fy 笑猫日记 so I don't spend 5 minutes just waiting for it to open each time I want to read the book (readibu is a wonderful app for reading Chinese novels and webnovels on your phone, but I need to clean up and parse the raw HTML files I have for xiao mao)
  • 3x daily MandarinBean shadowing articles
  • daily 喜羊羊  episode
  • listen to at least 4 podcasts in Chinese - and find new podcast! Suggestions needed


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