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Toilet Rules



Yet another toilet one, but this time we can all blame Brendan as he took it. I'm very tired, so let's keep this short and sweet - what are the rules?


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I've seen the first one a lot posted over low-maintenance squat toilets in small establishments on the mainland, except written 请勿大便!谢谢。 Means "Please don't defacate in the toilet." Perhaps the writer used the traditional "qǐng" character for emphasis, kind of like saying "Pleeeaze don't do that." Or perhaps just to be stylish. Or perhaps it's Hong Kong or Taiwan.

I think Glenn got the second one right as well. Maybe the toilet is in a bar. 吐酒请便用垃圾桶! "Do it in the trash can dog, not all over the toilet!"

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Is this the name of the bar?

Ha, I found that funny, but it also makes me wonder how off I was with that. Misuse of 吧, perhaps? Or were you just playing on the multiple meanings?

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