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Istanbul 伊斯坦堡



I took these pictures yesterday. The first one is of the door of the metro I took to get to Kanyon Mall at Levant, Istanbul. I took it because I thought a Chinese character was used in the design. However, having stared at the pattern long enough I found that it was not. You can try to identify the differences (from the Chinese character I had thought it was).

The second one is a sign at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant near the cinema of the mall. I found it strikingly ugly.


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In the first picture I thought this word was in the design -

but it is not.

jbradfor, I didn't know the English name of 左宗棠雞 until you mentioned it.

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@feihong, I assume you mean the right sign (at the restaurant)? The 寿司?中国食街? I can only think of it as a really really badly written 与.

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Obviously, 王. Judging from the combination of individual strokes that are highly modulated and technically correct along with a completely awkward overall composition, I think this was written by a Japanese, or possibly a non-native learner of Japanese.

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