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挑战#44:It Sucks to Be Dumped, Even If You're Batwoman (Comic Quiz)



blogentry-38695-0-76070200-1315026646_thumb.jpg blogentry-38695-0-45393800-1315026648_thumb.jpg

1. Why is Kate late?

2. What does Anna think Kate has been doing?

3. What are Anna's reasons for dumping Kate?

Source: Batwoman (Detective Comics), by Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams, & J.G. Jones


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I think I prefer Bruce Wayne's taste in women.

1. I didn't know this phrase, but it is pretty clear in context. 睡过头。 Oversleep. Good phrase.

2. 拈花惹草。 It's interesting, i had to look this up recently and I remember both ABC and Guifan noted it means for men to cheat with other women. I guess in this context it works as well.

3. She wanted something more serious.

虎头蛇尾 is interesting. Strong start, weak finish.

Just curious, is this issue part of that whole New 52 thing that has Superman wearing jeans?

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It's not part of that new 52 thing, it's the old 52 thing from last year (or maybe 2010). Batwoman didn't have her own comic back then.

For question #1, that's certainly the answer she gives, but you have to take context into account. Did she really just keep hitting snooze on her alarm clock?

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Fair point.

I figured she was out punching bad guys and then overslept, but thinking about it again, maybe she came directly from punching bad guys.

Impressive work by the subbers on 汉化ing signs. Is that an egg, the Sun, or both? I think it is a fried egg in the sky.

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Ok, here's my attempt:

1. Why is Kate late?

Kate says she overslept.

2. What does Anna think Kate has been doing?

Anna thinks Kate is sleeping around.

3. What are Anna's reasons for dumping Kate?

- Anna thinks Kate doesn't really want a steady relationship.

- Anna thinks Kate sleeps around.

- Anna doesn't want to be Kate's "sex toy".

- Anna doesn't like the fact that Kate is an "affluent 2nd generation princess".

- Anna thinks Kate doesn't put anyone close to her heart.

- Anna doesn't think Kate wants to continue seriously developing this relationship.

- Anna thinks she herself is too old to be playing / messing around in a relationship.

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And bonus:

4. What is Anna's profession?

Detective? Are we supposed to figure this out just by looking at the comic?

Edit after getting this wrong: A lawyer? Because she had to go to court?

5. Why does Anna regret dumping Kate?

Anna likes Kate because she's smart, has sex appeal, is funny and when doing things, doesn't "start strong and finish weak".

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@feihong: It definitely wasn't my first reading, that's for sure. Made the change in my bonus answer.

For some reason, I thought 出庭 meant she was leaving the restaurant. Perhaps I probably confused 庭 with 厅 and thought it was another way of saying 餐厅.

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