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I said to the cashier, "兩個豬仔包". And this is what such small olive/round shaped bread rolls with hard. . skin are called here.

I wonder what it is called in Putonghua, English or in other languages. Anyone wants to share?

The bread is going to be my dinner tonight.

EDIT: New photo of a 豬仔包 sandwich with cava added on 19.1.2013. Some cava has already gone to my head. :D


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How about mini baguettes?

This is the definition from my dictionary:

猪仔包 • a French-style bread, similar to a small baguette, commonly seen in Hong Kong and Macao.

Yikes! Is that all you ate for dinner?

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豬仔包 with cream cheese, soup, red wine and some biscuits made a great dinner.

I think mini/small baguettes will do. But sometimes they are too round to be called baguettes. And we tend to call all such hard-skinned small bread rolls 豬仔包.

Looks like it is (also) called brötchen in German.

Has it got a different name in Putonghua?

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Here in Perth, I have seen them referred to as "Vietnamese Rolls" in the supermarket. I guess this is because there is (was) a lot of French influence on Vietnamese bread making.

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