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Sexual harassment




A friend, who is a professional translator (E->C, C->E) sent me this picture, which he had got from a friend of his. His brief remark reads, 傑作,甘拜下風。 :D This photo reminds me of one I took in Shanghai featuring some "west point" . :D


PS - if you like, you can look up what 例 on the menu (as in ¥58/例) means.



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Yeah. :D

But probably it was not my friend's friend who took this photo because I later found that there are more on this website. I couldn't even imagine those translations. And it seems quite odd that both "noodles" and "face" are used for 面 on the same page of that menu.

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Ya... Taiwan's highspeed railway once translate the "hand dryer" (烘手機) into "Bake Cellphone" (Bake = 烘, Cellphone = 手機)...

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At least from an European point of view, it won't take much imagination to regard groping as somebody deploying swinish feet/hands. How this interpretation would be a preferred translation in a(n online) dictionary is the mystery.

Somewhere, I think that Prof. Victor Mair has, at languagelog.org, explained how many dried foods are explained as fuck items (干)。

My guess is that skylee's OP "West point" can be explained by somebody's comparing the items to dim sum, and so they are western pastries: 西点

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