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Learn Chinese in China


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From Florence



I just think this is kind of cute.

Edit: I have added a photo taken at the Central Market.


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Yes I am in Florence. A bit bored (Ha!) as I have been here many times. I will leave for Salerno tomorrow.

I have added another picture to the blog post. The main observation is that there is Chinese but no Korean and Japanese (yet). Not sure if it is because 1) not many Koreans / Japanese come to Florence or the market, or 2) Koreans/Japanese can read other languages.

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I have a third suggestion, which is that a lot of Europeans are (still) unaware of Koreans and assume that every Asian-looking tourist is either Chinese or Japanese. There are really a lot of Korean tourists in the museum where I work, but my colleagues and even the management is totally unaware of that. They say "we should probably print a Japanese floor map", and when I tell them "actually a Korean would be more helpful, most of our Asian visitors are Korean, and we don't have any Korean material at all" then management gives me the "what the ... are you talking about?!" look.

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The observation of Ruben von Zwack can be right, because it's true, many people consider all asians the same, they don't even notice if they look different or speak another language. Anyway the fact that everything is written in Chinese isn't a random thing. Most of asians that go to Florence are really Chinese and there are also many Chinese people who live in Florence and in the near city Prato. In Prato there's even a China town, there are a couple of streets where there are only Chinese people..when I go there it seems to be in China and it's like I'm the foreigner, not them :P

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Well, more educated Asian people can read English and the traditional Chinese script ... I suppose?

Anyways, I am going to Paestum today. Yeah!

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But unaware of Koreans !? What about Samsung? What about the Heathrow Terminal "Samsung Galaxy S" 5 promotion? Haha.

Personally I think the 2-week Samsung Heathrow promotion was a copycat of the "Vodafone Sol" metro station in Madrid. And the Vodafone promotion is 3 years long.

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