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edX Mandarin level 3 Lesson 6



Welcome to lesson 6, the last lesson in this level. We find Pipe and Lily talking on campus.. is Pipe going to get lucky?


Pipe asks Lily how she did on the last test 考试. She says not bad, I got 拿到an A, How about you? Pipe replies C I got a C. I need 得 to work harder like you do. You always get good grades 成绩. Lily reassures him and tells him he is actually 其实 very smart 聪明 and all he needs to do is practice more and he will do very well on tests. Thanks says Pipe adding does Lily have any plans 计划 for the weekend. Lily tells Pipe that she always goes swimming on Saturday mornings but after that she is free 没事. Lets meet up Lily suggests. Pipe thinks to himself -  Perfect, I have finally 终于 got Lily to go on a date!! He says they can meet Saturday afternoon and he will call her later.


At the restaurant:

Lily remarks that this a really good restaurant but she is not sure if it is a good 适合 place to study. Pipe says he thought it would be ok if they ate dinner and chatted 聊 a bit first to get to know each other better and then we can go for a walk 散步. Lily is confused - eh ok? Pipe starts talking excitedly about how he always wanted to visit this restaurant but felt it was more for couples 情侣 and he would feel strange being here on his own 自己...what kind of person do you like dating 约会? Lily starts to say I ....... Pipe interrupts and tells her he likes women who are caring  温柔 and smart, physical appearance 外表 isn't everything 一切 but he prefers women who are shorter 矮 than him and she needs to have similar 共同 interests - he then asks Lily what her interests are?  Lily tries to say I normally ...... Pipe carries on speaking saying he likes playing basketball and to swim a lot because it is good for his body. He tells Lily her figure 身材 is good so she is probably interested in exercise too. he then gushes - If I could find a girl like you that is that perfect 完美 it would be too good to be true. Lily's phone rings, looking at her phone she tell Pipe sorry 不好意思 it is my boyfriend, I need to go now! see you next week. Pipe hope's dashed, he sits there stunned and says huh? wait a moment...


So poor Pipe has been dumped before even he got started!!


One thing I noticed that may be a mistake or just a usage I am unaware of, Lily says  不好意思 which is translated as sorry but to me means not interested. I would have expected it to be 对不起 for sorry, excuse me, pardon. I think it has been translated incorrectly, or else she was trying to let Pipe down gently!!


The vocabulary and the supplementary vocabulary is all to do with dating and romance.

There are 4 grammar points this week:-


1)  其实  means actually, in fact or even- to be honest. The examples show it being used t the beginning of sentences.

2) 是不是 can be used to confirm your speculations.

3) A比B + adj this pattern indicates a comparison between two things  (一点/ 的多) follows an adjective indicating to a smaller or higher degree.

4) 像。。。。的 + noun specifies the details of modification to a noun:- like....., such as ......


This was the last lesson in this level. I did well on the quiz and got 100% I also did well on the final exam and scored an overall mark of 99%.


I hope these little summaries are helpful.

I am going to do the same sort of thing for my NPCR lessons starting with lesson 15. I am going to be trying to study both simplified and traditional at the same time but concentrate on learning to write simplified. Looking forward to this new challenge. Feel free to join in with comments or corrections:) Look out for the first one in a couple of weeks or so.


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"One thing I noticed that may be a mistake or just a usage I am unaware of, Lily says  不好意思 which is translated as sorry but to me means not interested."


I sometimes use it as an opener when bothering someone about something, similar to 麻烦你, especially when the encounter is a bit awkward: 不好意思,可是你座在我的位子。


In any event, it doesn't mean "not interested." Maybe you're thinking of 没意思.

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