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Dim Sum Menu



Here is the menu for the recent food article in which I reported on three mornings of Cantonese dim sum. This menu is from Yulong Seafood Hotpot Restaurant in Macau, near Ponte 16. The dim sum article is here: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/54982-enjoying-dim-sum/?tab=comments#comment-424075


(You can click the photos to enlarge them.)








The waitress brings a pencil along with the menu, and you put a check mark below the items that you want to eat. She told me it didn't matter which box I checked, one of which is for ordering an item a la carte 单点 and the other for ordering an item as part of a larger meal 加单。


She returns later with a typed receipt for the order as it was entered into their system. Always a good idea to double check at that point to be sure there was no mixup. Pricing category designations appear beside the name of the item: 特点,大点,中点,小点。


















I always try to pick up a blank extra menu so I can study it at my leisure later in the day and do a better job of ordering tomorrow.



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I also have a file with larger photos of these dim sum menu items. They are easier to read and thus easier to study if anyone is interested in doing that. Need to let me know so I don't just add needless clutter to this topic.


Might mention that there are some on-line cheat sheets available for understanding and remembering dim sum. They are of variable quality and usefulness, but you can Google them and check them out if you wish.


My own, admittedly primitive, strategy is to study lots of dim sum menus before each visit to Guangdong, Hong Kong or Macau and make myself notes about what I would like to try. Sort of like cramming for an exam. By now I have a good collection of actual menus (hard copies, not just photos.)

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