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What caught my eye was the misspelling of 馄饨 as 浑沌. Seems like a pretty serious mispelling? Or maybe it's an acceptable alternative. I don't know. Taken in 呼伦贝尔.

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To be fair, many people don't know how to write 餛飩. I had to explain to people from Shanghai and Guangdong it is the same thing as 雲吞.

In Beijing it's pronounced  húndun. Taiwan 國語辭典 also gives the pronunciation ㄏㄨㄣˊ ˙ㄉㄨㄣ (hún dun).

If you type hundun in Pinyin IME however, you get 混沌/渾沌.

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Or maybe he's busy trying to figure out what 菜饭 and 常米 are.


You're joking, right?


This menu reads left to right, not up to down.

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Yeah?  I guess I just made a fool of myself asking for some 包面and 子条 for breakfast.


Here is a reddit sub you might like abcdefg.

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Haha! (Insert emoticon here.)


The reasons for receiving an odd look from the waitress are many and varied.

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