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My guess is that it's the place where you can burn the little pieces of paper on which your fortune is printed, what the Japanese call "omikuiji." I'm not really up on what you do with these things if you don't like the fortune they predict, but if it's good, my wife takes it home and shows it to her mother and her friends. I don't know what she does with it if it's bad. However, in Japan there's a place like a bulletin board you can tie it to to make sure it comes true. 


If, as I suspect, you can ask personal questions and receive real answers, then maybe people want to destroy any personal information or advice.


Anyway, just random speculation on my part...



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I guessed wrong then....


How about it's the place you burn all the paper money and paper Mercedes Benz cars and such that relatives provide during funerals to ensure a high standard of living in the afterlife...

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