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Help wanted 招聘



Saw this sign taped up on a wall recently. 


1. What kind of job is the top one? (The ¥2800 to ¥3200 one. 切菜工)

2. What sort of skills would you need to apply? What would you mainly be doing?

3. What kind of establishment posted this ad?




5. Any thoughts about the second job? (女工一名)


4. Are 招聘 and 薪资 two of your flashcards? Do you know some other ways to say "salary?"


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5. Any thoughts about the second job? (女工一名)



Perhaps this is one of those restaurants that has a group of women greet you when you come in the door? 


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@大块头 -- Good guess, but I'd better give you more background info. Here's a snapshot of the establishment. A little before noon they set a steam table out front so people can choose their lunch by pointing at prepared items, 快餐 style. Before then or after you can order from a simple wall menu. 





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I'm not sure all the reasons why, but low-paid, menial jobs like "all purpose restaurant worker" usually prefer female applicants in China. One sees similar "help wanted" signs for entry-level hotel staff and retail shop assistants 售货员。I'm told that factory assembly line workers are also most often female here in China. 


It probably has to do with gender equality, or lack thereof. 

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