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I guess it depends on what level you're currently at.

I was there last year and it's not too bad but the class levels below me I found were very unrulely. I'm glad I tested above that level or I would have been disappointed.

If I had it to do over again I would choose Shanghai East China Normal University. I checked this school out and think it would be a better alternative.

What I didn't care for at SISU is they are using books from Beijing YuYan DaXue (BLCU) and I thought for the lower levels, these books are rather sucky.

I think Shanghai East Normal University produces their own material and they are a Teacher's College.

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I was in an intermediate level class...

Up to before my level they have 3 classes.

Main Text, Listening, and Speaking.

At my level they added a class, Reading.

My main text book was Hanyu Jiao Cheng Level 3 Shang

ISBN 7-5619-0764-8

Now, I think Shanghai East China Normal University has specific times you can register so if you're thinking about it you'd better contact them quickly to find out.

I have a link on my links page in my sig...

hope this helps.

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In my experience, I think its possible to walk-in and sign-up on the day of registration and proficiency testing without first applying. It's obviously not the best way but possible. I was just at SISU recently (just to visit) and while I can't comment on their instruction, their dorm complex is much nicer than ECNUs! Hahaha. That said, TongJi was even nicer if that matters to you! Of course, this isn't to say that ECNU's was bad, it just wasn't as grand.

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