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Places to See Near Chengdu


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There's one town not far from Chengdu, near Leshan, Jia Jiang. It's famous for it's jiaozi, mixian, and other food, and there's a hill with ancient buddhas. Been there a few times and actually kinda like the town. :mrgreen:

夹江千佛崖 http://image.baidu.com/i?tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&cl=2&lm=-1&pv=&word=%BC%D0%BD%AD%C7%A7%B7%F0%D1%C2&z=0

Plus there's some nongjiale right next to the hill, with some really good and fresh fish.

my photos: http://chengdulife.com/photoblog/2007/05/27/countryside-near-jiajiang/

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Seriously, you are confusing me right now. What sort of place are you expecting?

Well I had it all nice in my own head until Roddy through out the crazy idea and now I'm thinking crazy!

Seriously, if I could pull it off I am seriously (seriously twice in a sentence cannot be good) considering flying to guiyang and going out to this place I found called 天河潭 but if not I will probably just go to one of the Chengdu vicinity 古镇. I appreciate all the advice though. Keep it coming!

(and if you feel like donating money for this good cause...:mrgreen:)

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I am pretty liberal and wholeheartedly support you for that good cause, but my notes, being rather conservative, are strongly against any crazy ideas. Believe me, man, I spent the past 20 minutes or so arguing with my notes, but got no luck. Really sorry. So, for offering some good ideas, I also did some search on google, but still, got no luck, in that really weird/inappropriate results showed when I used 'Snoopy dating Chinese girl' as keywords...:mrgreen:

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Haha, even more unbelievable is that this thread (and perhaps more scarily, your post) made it into the first page of results.
What?!:mrgreen: No...Not THAT fast. Dear Admin Imron, since this thread has nothing to do with 'Living in China', do you think it would be more appropriate if it has its presence in that 'Chat and Language Exchange' subforum?
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Muyongshi, the airborne day trip idea I would say is only a good idea if you have money to burn, you actually know the city you are going to (otherwise you only have several hours to spend, and getting lost once or twice, a major attraction being closed, choosing a bad restaurant for lunch will ruin it), and you know the guest in question isn't going to think you a fool for spending that much money on a single day.

You'd be much better spending a fraction of the money on doing a local day trip in style - hire a comfortable car, lunch and dinner at top-notch restaurants, etc.

If you can, drop into a bookstore and get one of the Chinese-language self-drive / backpacking guide books - they go into detail the Lonely Planet doesn't even start to approach. City-dwellers aren't always well-informed about what's round and about.

Bikechina.com are at least partially based in Chengdu. Maybe get them to take you in a van to somewhere for a nice bike ride, then pick you up again at the other end?

PS Could just send the girl flowers, y'know . . .

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What?! No...Not THAT fast
And a quick check this morning reveals that this thread is now the top result for the above-mentioned search term :)

As for moving the thread, I don't think it's strayed enough from the topic enough to warrant a move into Chat and Language just yet, plus it's still getting a few useful suggestions for people.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well I was planning too... Problem is never wound up going anywhere....

Had a few a few "bumps" in the relationship road (if you know what I mean)

Shame you had to bring it up though, I was kind of hoping that it would just slide and nobody would notice. So much for that idea :evil::tong

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How about a one day trip out to Dujiangyan. Take your gal out to see the irrigation project. The beautiful Mingjian river is roaring right now with all the rain we've had. Nothing will endear her more towards you as you bravely comfort her when you both walk across the swinging bridge. It's a rope bridge that goes across the river to the Erwang Temple. With other tourists on it, it gets swinging pretty good. (Give her a kiss when you've safely crossed. Tell her it's the custom when danger has been overcome.)

Then into Dujiangyan town to the beer garden for some Snow beer or tea. Or excellent Western food at the "Good Wood Cafe". Numerous other great restaurants too. Take a picture together at the statue of Li Bing and his son Erwang, in the center square.

Your total costs should be around 300- ? Rmb.

Bus trip for two round trip, to and from Dujiangyan is about 60 yuan.

Entry fee at the Dujiangyan irrigation project is 90 yuan each.

Then there's beer, lunch, and maybe a gift or trinket to buy her. 50- ? yuan.

Also, you could hire a taxi to take you both up above all the tourist area's. The Mingjiang river flows through a massive dam up above Dujiangyan. There's an enormous retension lake up there. There's never anyone around except the local workers at the dam. It's very beautiful on a blue sky day. And the mountains climb up and away for as far as you can see. The lake is huge and there's the interesting architecture of the dam.

The ride each way from Chengdu to Dujiangyan is about 50 min. From Dujiangyan up to the Dam is a 7 min. taxi ride. Easily done in a day with no sense of hurrying.

Good luck. Nitropuppy

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Thanks for the offer... but I have my friend jack and he and I have been having a few cups of 闷酒

Things are going better now but had to take a few steps back... well see how the next couple weeks go.... (*sigh women *shakes head)

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