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Switching from simplified to traditional

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奥ao4 is simplified, so of course the committee simplified all the other characters that contained it. 懊ao4, 澳ao4, 噢ao5. even though it is only one character, I suppose they have thought that the 米 looked better without the stroke at the top.

Compare Simplified奥 Traditional奧

港gang3 contains 巳si4, the Japanese equivalent contains 己ji3.

Compare Chinese Simplified港 Japanese Simplified港

I think if you look up a dictionary from the Mainland, it should show you the simplified form. If the computer shows a different character, it is probably because you have other fonts installed. I had Japanese and Korean fonts installed, and then lots of characters changed shapes. Some very minimal. Even though I am on Chinese Simplified (HZ), it gives me the Japanese simplification. Then I uninstalled them, and it went back to normal simplified script.

zhi2 de2 tu2

How does 直 德 图 appear on your screen?

Compare it with this line, any difference?

直 徳 図

I hope this helped!

-Shibo :mrgreen:

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飞 is one of my favourites: like a seahorse. :-)

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Thanks for all the information, everyone. I'm glad I asked. Seems like there's a lot more to this than I thought. :mrgreen:

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morden linguistics believes that all languages are conventional and arbitrary. the evolution of a language is often the result of the interplay between politics, the need of expediency, the new way of thinking, or, simply giving in to popular corruptions.

there is no way we can make an objective judgement on which is better or worse.

the wisdom of the day is to see both the simplified and the traditional as different varieties of the same language and accomodate them accordingly.

i was educated in the simplified way, but i still can read the traditional. i find the old way has more charm and the new more vigor.

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