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Chinese Breeze (汉语风) Graded Readers


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Yes, 《朋友》will be in Level 3.

The speed of publishing new books do not depend on the publisher actually, it’s up to the authors’ free time, and after they finish the new books manuscript, then the publisher can print it soon. But the authors are busy, they’re teachers at the same time, and it’s difficult to write new books since they need to create the stories according to the Chinese level of the foreigners. So the publisher does not know when the next book after《朋友》 will be out.

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I just ordered Green Phoenix and An old Painting.

And also Tales and Traditions - Readings in Chinese Literature Series - Volume 1.

I had been eyeing those for a while, but now that I saw this topic here, I really decided to get them.

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Hi Flynn Frogg,

After seeing your post, we searched in the market for some time, there’re really not many graded readers, and we added several books to our site:

500--750 words level (in the part of Products List)

1000--1750 words level (in the part of Products List)

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Does anyone know if there are plans to release the series for Kindle???? Shipping costs for those things are ridiculous, so it would be great to have an e-book version. Plus I find reading on Kindle much more convenient than on paper, because of the built-in dictionary. 

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The URL leads me to an e-book which sadly cannot be purchased from where I live (Poland). Which is probably why it wouldn't show up in any searches that I did and I only ended up with the paper versions. That sucks!!! I would looove to have those readers for my Kindle...

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I've actually been waiting for Level 1 books of the Tiantian Zhongwen Graded Reader Series for a while now as they were supposed to come out in 2013, but there is not much of 2013 left :D Looks like I might be able to read Level 2 before Level 1 even comes out, hehe :)


As for Chinese Breeze, it looks like they stopped at the 3 books of level 3 and no book of level 4 ever came out... Not a problem for me just yet, as I'm still at level 1, but it would be nice to know that I will have some reading material in the future :D I hope they publish something soon, because I really like their readers!

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Looking at Amazon UK, Tiantian's next books are due out 30 Nov 2014!  Goodness only knows when they're thinking of bringing out the advanced level ones....


Duh! :wall  I got the Chinese Breeze series confused with the ones called Graded Chinese Reader!


When, or should I say if I ever get a Kindle, then I must remember those other ones mentioned. :D

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