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I want my 老干妈!!!


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For some reason my local Chinese/Asian grocery store has been out of 老干妈 for weeks now. I want my 老干妈 dammit! (For those who don't know, this is the absolute best "chili sauce" ever made.)

Every time I ask when they're going to get more they just tell me they don't know.

Are the olympic torch protesters now blockading shipments of 老干妈 or something?

I guess I'm going to have to look into mail ordering some....

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haha, when i was out of the town i yelled "Give me back my Mala sauce". It's possibly easier to make the taste of Lao Gan Ma at home.

Put oil into a saucepan,

fry minced chicken with bones,

then add smashed peanuts and nuts,

add chili until you can smell it.

Then add black beans. soy sauce, sugar and "weijing".

I guess these ingredients can be found at stores in chinatown.

Tip: Evacuate your family from the kitchen before you make it. :mrgreen:

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Thanks zozzen! I might try that. I actually posted a thread a while back asking about how to make it or something like it but nobody seemed to know to that level of detail and most people said "just go buy some, it's cheap" which is wise advice assuming I can buy some.

I just realized that my location is set to something nonsensical. I'm actually located in Michigan in the US, so it's not like I'm in some huge city in China somewhere.

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