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Internet slang


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From http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/07/11/digitalbiz.iwom/index.html

Then there is Xu Jinglei, who as an actress, film producer and director was China's first celebrity blogger, and currently authors the most-viewed blog worldwide. In a commercial for AMD, she is seen writing her blog on a laptop computer, as armchair sofas race through the city streets. Suddenly she clicks the send button to upload her post, and a man sitting on a sofa instantly screeches to a halt right in front of her and cries victory.

The punchline illustrates the expression qiang shafa ("to grab the sofa"), which means to be the first person to reply to a blog posting. That's a good thing. And by the way, AMD means faster processors.

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Can beibei 北北 stand for "Bye bye!" or simply just 北? I heard this somewhere before but sometimes when I use it some native speakers dont get it...and sometimes they do...

北北 一般在QQ上说的, 拜拜的意思 另外呢同于宝贝=precious, darling还有亲爱的,都是baby, my love, etc.的意思啦 Must be this that's causing all the confusion with native speakers ...

No, 北北 can't stand for Bye Bye. But you can use 88 stand for Bye Bye. The pronunciation of 88 is a little similar to ByeBye in Chinese.:lol:

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“Agree, but I am too old to understand internet talk even in English."


I was going to raise just this point. That is, language -- English and Chinese and whatever -- sometimes carries a degree of age-appropriateness, slang especially.


So it'd be interesting to mark out what's appropriate for teens, for young adults, and for those over an age we won't even mention. Dictionaries rarely if ever do this. Similarly, there are sometimes gender-appropriate aspects to language, which dictionaries ignore.

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1 hour ago, Shelley said:

Is that all it means because from my knowledge 屌 means more than something to do with being a loser.

The explanation I've had is that as it means "dick hairs" (i.e. pubic hair) it's come to mean loser by extension as the dick gets all the action/fun while the loser hairs can only watch on from the sidelines.

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