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favorite food! anywhere!! :-)


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Do I have to pick one??

Lotus root, especially ou jia.


Guo ba, that crispy rice stuff with soup poured over it.

Basi xiangjiao, bananas fried in syrup, YUM


I like dim sum too, but never had it much while living in China, since I wasn't in the south much. My favorite dim sum is xiajiao and the little shredded turnip cakes.

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I really really like qiezi (chinese eggplant), especially a dish called "jian bao qiezi" -- my pinyin may be off, I've only ever heard the word spoken -- which translates as "sauce explosion eggplant." It's soooo good.

I also love xiao gua, it's kind of like a zucchini in the states? I cooked the hell outta that stuff back in China.

I love jiaozi too. Do they call jiaozi that in the north? Where I lived everyone called it shuijiao which, according to my boyfriend, alludes to the fact that you must have the sauce with the jiaozi.

there were also these root things that I never learned the proper name for. They look kinda like grubs, which is what I thought they were when the woman I was staying with in this tiny little village busted them out, but it turns out they were roots, and if you fry them, they puff up and you can eat them with sugar or hot peppers and they're so damn good. I think they might be Bai food because they lady I got them from was Bai, and then when I looked for them in the store the package had ladies wearing Bai costumes on it.

I'm getting all hungry now, heh.

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When I go to Chinese restaurant to go dimsummen, I love to eat chicken legs. I think they are called phoenix claws but not sure, just marinated with garlic, vinigar and chilli. And also got to eat everytime jellyfish, octopuss in Japanese style and very often that rice pastry with gambas in it. Too bad where I live the restaurants don't have many varieties like in HK but can't complain. The next time I go to HK I certainly got to eat redbean ice again.

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Cantonese comfort food

* wonton noodles (especially from Jim Chai Kee in Central, Hong Kong)

* Fu yu tong choi (again from Jim Chai Kee in Central Hong Kong - I think the english would be Femented tofu sauce over morning glory)

* Bar-be-que pork rice (like the last scene in "God of Cookery")

*char siu bao!

Other Chinese favorites

*Yu Xiang Qiezi - braised eggplant with fish flavor

*dumplings! - all types, pan fried, boiled, steamed - i'll eat 'em all

*street kebabs - from Xi'an to Shanghai

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...and these noodles I used to get which were made as I waited. They were served in the best soup ever with peanuts and beef, and only cost 3 kuai. But that restaurant has since been shut down for violating health regulations. :shock:

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The most famous Chongqing Hot pot is called"Yuanyang Hot pot",here is the brief introduction of it:

Yuanyang hotpot is characterised by its unique flavor.In fact,Yuanyang hotpot is a mixture of the hot soup of traditional cattle-gut hotpot and the bree of mum hotpot.Thus it is honored Sichuan Innovative Hotpot.

  The pot is divided into two parts by a copper slice,forming a picture of Taiji.One side is the container of hot soup,the other side is bree.The option of hotpot's materials are decided at your will.

  Generally speaking,the seasonings of hot soup involve in chicken soup,cattle oil,thick broad-bean sauce of Pi County,candy,capsicum powder,Chinese prickly ash,ginger,Sao liquor, Rongchuan lobster sauce and fermented Glutinous rice;while the condiments of bree include old hen,old fat duck,ham hoof,ham bone,chop,pork,etc.

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