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肉夹馍 rou jia mo


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Where did you eat them in China? The ones in Xi'an are different from the ones in Lanzhou, for example. Was the meat beef or lamb (mutton) or even pork? I've had all three.

I often make them at home.

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It's fairly common in Beijing. But I feel those street vendors all do things a bit different here and there. I may get a delicious 肉夹馍 someday somewhere. Next time when I put a 肉夹馍 into my watering mouth, it doesn't taste exactly right. It's sooo frustrating, isn't it? :wall

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Maybe if you tell us where you are, someone might be able to help you find them. I've had them both in NYC (spicy lamb/cumin, mild pork) and Toronto (mild pork), both quite good. :)

Edit: Sort of missed you were looking for a recipe. Don't know anything about that, sorry.

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When I lived in Shanghai over 10 years ago, 两个肉夹馍, of the pork variety with Kirin milk tea was the near perfect food to eat after no or little sleep, so I could go out to play sports on Saturday morning. 山东煎饼 were my other go-to breakfast food.

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